Illegal and Prescription drug problems

Oklahoma has a drug problem.  That is not a secret and unfortunately not a new problem.  We see the effects of it every day in our schools.  According to the Oklahoma State Department of Health, "Prescription drug overdoses kill more Oklahomans than motor vehicle crashes.  Of the approximately 700 unintentional poisoning deaths in Oklahoma each year, seven out of ten involve at least one prescription drug.  Prescription pain killers (opioids) are the most common class of drugs involved in overdose deaths in Oklahoma (involved in more than 80% of prescription drug-related overdose deaths).  More overdose deaths involve prescription painkillers than alcohol and illicit drugs combined."  Oklahoma has put policies in place to help, but more needs to be done.

Funding Education

We must find a way to properly fund education to ensure that students in District 25 have  the opportunity to have a first class education.   We have outstanding schools in District 25, and they deserve better treatment.  Our students deserve fully funded programs with the ability for schools to add programs  and/or courses to help them keep up with global change.  Teachers deserve to be properly paid.  How long are we as a state going to allow our neighboring states to pull our top teachers away because of 1) salary and 2) funding?  Teachers want to teach where they feel valued and where education is a priority.  Neither is happening here in Oklahoma. 


Funding State Agencies

We will not only look for new and innovative ways to generate new revenue, but also look at ways to cut wasteful spending in our state government. 

Deadlock of partisan politics

Albert Einstein once said, "Politics is more difficult than physics."  We, in Oklahoma, as well as our nation, have seen this first hand!  It's time we end partisan politics and put Oklahoma over party.  And, in our case, District 25 over party.